Shilpa School by IME

Shilpa School is an online training provision platform by the Inistitute of Multimedia Education.

Since its inception in 2016 the Institute of Multimedia Education (IME) has provided many courses in multimedia related disciplines and have been in the forefront of multimedia productions, online publishing and running national campaigns.

The range of work in the past by IME team includes the Alochana eMagazine ,the Sinhala language medically curated covid information portal COVIDINFO , as well as conceptualisation, planning and production of the how to vote during the pandemic campaign for the electoral commission, to name a few.

The Covid pandemic made a huge dent in the skill development aspect of education all over the world, but at the same time the usage literacy of the previously frowned upon online platforms significantly shot up due to the pandemic itself.

Shilpa School is an attempt to combine the experiential education for skill development with delivery via online platforms to provide access to many irrespective of their geographical locations.. 

Shilpa School is for doers, for those who want to perform, express themselves, display and publish their art and crafts.

All our training programmes are designed to inculcate the ability of executing tasks required to bring out a performance. The participants, in order to see progress and improvement need to compete the tasks and send them via the provided online platform for assessment, feedback and guidance.