Percussion & Rhythm

The Art of Expressing Rhythm

The Rhythm Experience

There is rhythm in all of us!
Even those who think that they are not rhythmic listened to their mother’s heartbeat long before seeing the first light!

Long ago, man created the drum to physically manifest the inner rhythm and express it as an auditory experience and to share with others.

This programme is designed to help you find your inner rhythm and express it!

Over a period of 12 sessions we will take a journey together, learning, experiencing, feeling, creating and expressing the rhythms via percussing!

You will use your own body, a table, a door, a pot or anything you can lay your hands on to make these sounds and rhythms.

Training and Guidance

You will be guided by a maestro in rhythm.

The drum for this training program is anything you can lay your hands on, the table your computer is on, a door, a window, a pot or a pan or even your own lap is fair game!

The guidance and training will be based on activities you have to perform yourself. There will be new learning, practicing, expressing and presenting during the sessions as well as recording on your own devices and uploading for feedback.
You will not need any new devices other than one you will be using to join this online course. How to record and share too will be taught and trained during the programme. 

The Trainer

The Maestro Dancer, Choreographer, Percussionist and Composer Ravibandhu Vidyapathy is the trainer of this programme.

Hailing from one of the most prominent families in the realm of traditional Sri Lankan art, Ravibandhu is one of the most renowned and sought after performance art experts in the local as well as the international scene. 

Ravibandhu was trained by Chithrasena and Vajira themselves in traditional dance and then in Kathakali style at the Kerala Kalamandalam. He studied and got trained in traditional drumming under the best drummers in the country and was trained in classical singing and Tabla and Pakhavaj as well.
He has choreographed and produced about twenty oriental ballets, many traditional and contemporary dances, numerous drumming and music presentations and performed with local and overseas orchestras. Over the last few decades Ravibandhu has performed in many art and cultural festivals all over the world.
He has presented many papers at local and international symposia and conferences in art as well as medicine and public health, written books, held lead positions at national and state boards and bureaus. 

Training Programme Overview

To instil a set of basic perceptive and performance skills in participants for them to accurately perceive and express rhythm and related motion.

7 yrs above. 

None, other than the ability to read, write and complete the assignments.

Registration will be closed one weeks prior to the commencement of the training program.

A preparatory session will be conducted at the closure of registration to educate the participants/parents as to how the sessions will be conducted and other necessary preparations.

No special equipment will be needed for learning and practicing percussion.

Participants will need a computer connected to the internet with necessary input and output devices to follow the sessions.

A smart phone or a computer with a recording (free) app will be needed for  recording and handing over assignments. 
Information about these requirements will be provided at the preparatory session one week prior to the commencement of the training programme.

  • Expressing the feeling of Rhythm
    Taking a beat, (Ex: 2/2, 4/4, 3/3, 6/8) and whacking it on your body, chest, belly, thighs, or buttocks

  • Learning the basics
    One surface
    Two hands
    Four sounds
    Two close – Two open
    1. Close + Close
    2. Open + Open
    3. Close + Open
    4. Open + Close

  • Further Technique
    Soft & Hard – Use of hand (full & half) and fingers.
    Rhythm patterns and variations

  • Rhythm and movement.
    Mouth persuasion (Vocalising)

  • Improvising

  • Music and Rhythm

    Playing with different genres of music

    1. Traditional
    2. Classical
    3. Fusion
    4. Pop

  • Creating your own rhythms
    Composing short rhythm items