The craft of making impactful images

Take Memorable Pictures

What’s the last memorable picture you have seen?
And what make that image memorable or impactful?

And out of the millions of images that are added to the internet on daily basis, how many fall into the category of ‘memorable and impactful’

Over a period of twelve weeks, we will take a journey exploring the language, the tools, the techniques and ideas of visual story telling via the images you make yourself.
We will of course learn the technicalities of the cameras, lenses, post processing etc, as well.
To become a visual story teller, you need to make pictures, get feedback on how to make them better and reshoot and get them reassessed. 
And that is exactly what we will do during this training programme.

Training and Guidance

You will be guided and trained by a highly experienced photographer who has been telling visual stories for over three decades.

The guidance and training, like in all other programmes by Shilpa School, will be based on an ongoing loop of assignments, assessment followed by feedback and guidance.

Teaching, introduction of new concepts, tools and techniques will happen within the loop mentioned above.

This way, you will develop your own style, language and voice in visual storytelling.

By the end of the programme, you will have a good number of images that will speak for themselves, telling the stories you want to tell.

The Trainer

Visual story teller who has been telling stories for over three decades, and who is also an expert in the fields of both science and art of visual communication, Dinil Abeygunawardane is your main trainer.

With his understanding of Science, Medicine, and the aspects of visual communication Dinil has a unique set of tools to figure out how photography and visual story telling can powerfully be used to tell stories of a particular field, brand, person or a concept.

He has been a proponent of using visual media for effective communication in other fields and domains and has lived and taught in these interdisciplinary realms  himself for decades. 

To find out more about him and his work in the fields of photography, please visit his personal website Struck by Light.

Dinil Abeygunawardane - Photographer, Writer, Content Creator & Trainer

Training Programme Overview

To instil a set of specific image making skills in the participants via a series of teaching, training, exercise, assessment, feedback, and reassessment sessions.

15 yrs and above.

No educational qualifications are required , other than the ability to read, write and the desire to be better image makers.

Registration will be closed one weeks prior to the commencement of the training program.

A preparatory session will be conducted at the closure of registration to educate the participants/parents as to how the sessions will be conducted and other necessary preparations.

Possession or access to an image capturing device is mandatory. A camera with manual controls is desirable.
Participants will be able to follow the bulk of the training programme with a decent mobile phone camera. However, to get the best out of the programme and to fully grasp the technical aspects a camera with manual controls is needed.

A laptop or a desktop with required software installed will be needed for cataloguing and editing images. 

Two weeks prior to the commencement the trainer will send out a set of instructions to all the registered participants.

The participants are required to submit their writings as per provided instructions before the submission deadline, which is one weeks prior to the commence of the training program

  • Communicating via images
    Understanding the components of a good image. 
  • Technical Aspects
    – Sensor and the Camera
    – Lenses
    – Exposure
  • Composition 
  • Basic Editing
  • Basic Lighting
  • Basic visual storytelling strategies 
  • Utilising visual storytelling strategies to tell stories effectively.
  • Creating a photo essay 

Commencement Date: 11 Feb 2024
Medium: Sinhala
Programme Fee: Rs 60,000.00 (Discounts and easy payment options are available upon registration)

Dinil Abeygunwardane
Deshan Karunarathna
Henry Rajakaruna